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"A Note of Appreciation to OSM


Thank you, OSM, thank you for all you did to help me move from my long-time home to a new one. You were truly Organized – in preparations for the move, during the actual move, and afterwards in setting up my apartment. As a very senior person, I must say that Organize Senior Moves truly lived up to its name.


To move from one home to another at any time is not easy; my moving after 57 years in the same house was a huge challenge. Years of accumulated papers, files, books, treasures – the list goes on and on - and the decisions of what to keep and what to get rid of were overwhelming.


After a couple of years of indecision, I  made up my mind in January to move to a retirement community. Two months later I engaged the help of Organize Senior Moves; in early July I moved into my new apartment. It all happened very quickly.


My family helped me with various aspects of the transition, but since none of them lives close by, I obviously needed more help if I was to be prepared to move in a timely manner. Into the picture stepped Michelle Kavanaugh and her capable team. The helpers assigned to me obtained a much-needed dumpster; advised me on what to get rid of (not without some resistance on my part!); went room by room to pack things for moving; lined up buyers for some of my things; advised me on what to donate and to whom; supplied and prepared boxes for the movers; made suggestions on how to arrange each room in the apartment; oversaw the movers as they loaded and unloaded the vans; set up my new apartment. As we all like to say, they even made my bed!  Not only were these workers quick, efficient and knowledgeable, they were kind, courteous, respectful of me and my wishes, and all in all just a delight to work with. I felt very comfortable with them and was very impressed.


But that’s not all! Before I put the house on the market, Michelle arranged for any minor necessary repairs to the house, for the removal of unwanted items -including the wall-to-wall carpeting - and for a thorough cleaning of the house after it had been emptied, so thorough that the house just sparkled!


Many thanks to you all – Michelle as the organizer, Flo in the office, Laurie who oversaw my project, and the other lovely women who worked with all of us to make my move so comfortable and successful. I can’t say enough good things about all of you!"


Nancy Walden



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